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Love their cellphones. Why?

February 13, 2014


Why are so many of my friends satisfied with their cellphones? They leave the cellphone at home. Or, forget to charge it. Still use a paper copy of essential phone numbers and are constantly asking me to find the last call they received. They watch at dinner while I ask Google the definition of a word […]

Low-cost android phones

November 18, 2013


Ever since KiKat , or to the rest of us, android 4.4, lower cost android priced phones are on the market. 4.4 works with devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. This opened the market for budget devices without sacrificing performance. For instance, there is little difference between a $100 LG phone (4.4) and […]

FDA and mobile health apps

March 22, 2013


Here’s preliminary information about regulation of the 40,000 medical apps.  Hopefully, there will be enough regulation to make them safe and protect us from people that don’t at least know the medicine and the accuracy of their apps. “The FDA has been regulating mobile medical device software for more than 10 years.  So far, the agency has reviewed […]

Reinvent government one mobile device at a time

March 3, 2013


Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom argues that  technological innovation can be used to improve our government and restore our prosperity.  He also discusses his own efforts to modernize San Francisco when he was mayor of that city. via Science and Technology – “Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government” – Book TV. […]

iPhone 5

December 19, 2012


Some of the iPhone5 pluses 4 inch screen 4G LTE connectivity Good battery life, considering A6 chip processing and graphics have improved For both sides of the story check out;  The Pros and Cons of iPhone 5 | The Info Dose.

Smartphones and cloud computing

August 24, 2012


Mobile, cloud computing using a smartphone and a tablet like the iPad is a combination of three technologies – cloud computing, mobile computing and networking.  These three technology trends have integrated into a set of services for us to use on our smartphones and Android tablets. With the free space offered by cloud storage providers […]

Mobile info will soon drive healthcare

July 29, 2012


    You’ve heard it before, there is a personal-health paradigm shift coming. Health records and new applications from Medicare to the VA to medical hackathons will soon change health care from doctor centered care to individual preventive, information driven care. “There’s evidence-based medicine. There’s also evidence-based prevention.” This is from a video where Ester Dyson is interviewed. Those of us who […]