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Shopping apps = huge savings, convience

August 8, 2012


Here’s the main ingredients to save more $$ than the smartphone or tablet you own, cost.  Use shopping apps. I just came across the latest AC Nielsen survey. It shows that 47% of smartphone owners use shopping apps, so a lot of you already know about saving when you’re on the internet, in the store […]

Data service free, anywhere there’s wifi

July 25, 2012


If you’re looking for an app to connect to WiFi for free data service this may be it. Called DataSaver. It connects your smartphone to free hotspots. More importantly, it comes down to dollars and cents.  In the era of the smartphone, data caps and throttling by your mobile carriers are now commonplace.  It costs you […]

List of things smartphones replace

July 24, 2012


I often think my Galaxy S paid for itself the day I bought it.  Even mentioned it in my Getting the most from your smartphone classes, to blank stares from my students. I kept a list of savings to see if it saved it’s price each month. That never quite worked out. But, I may […]

What’s the big deal

August 5, 2011


Smartphones open the information world to us at exactly the time we need it.  When the problem arises.  When the inspiration arises.  When the question comes up. In a Target (or a Walmart), you have access to shopping lists linked to your menu or the store’s aisle and the ability to compare prices with Walmart (or Target), […]