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Working and living after a disaster

November 29, 2012


Weather extremes and other disasters have become a part of our “new normal.” When remote work or flexible hours are part of an organization’s disaster response plan, employees can stay connected to work and businesses can continue to operate at some level of capacity. During and after “Super Storm” Sandy, most employers hadn’t made flexible […]

Beware, your phone is following you

August 28, 2012


Your mobile device knows where you’ve been. And, now someone can use location data from your smartphone and those of your friends to predict where you’ll be same time tomorrow. This should make you think about the location data you are making available to whoever has an app on  your mobile device that uses location and […]

iPhone may run your house soon

August 1, 2012


If goes as planned iDevice will control Apple TV.  It may soon control cable programming and video game play via a video game controller. Apple sees iDevice as a control for cameras, projectors, security systems, lawn sprinkler systems, your thermostat, garage door. via Apple Further Details iPhone-NFC Apps for TV, Games & More – Patently […]

Senior cellphones

February 19, 2012


Here’s a site that has a lot more about cellphones than I do, a real service for seniors. This guy covers individual cellphones and describes the special things each does for seniors, for instance a Clarity Pal mobile that amplifies voices, the Just5 with it’s big keys and the SVC, a low cost phone. Another service. Look at his comparisons before you buy a […]

Secure login to Google

December 8, 2011


When using a mobile device, with out a passcode try this. Get a  secure onetime pass word from Google. Related articles New Gmail Login Interface (

Want a stranger using your phone?

August 28, 2011


What happens if your mobile device gets lost or someone just borrows it for a minute? It contains a list of your most recent phone calls and your contact list. It can be used to access Facebook or Linkedin. It may contain a list of your passwords to sites you visit regularly. Do you bank or […]