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Liv+ simplify our iPhone or Android

September 13, 2013


Liv+ turns a smartphone into a useful technology for the elderly and us, the simplicity seekers. Its simple screen with large buttons, fonts and bright colors increases readability. The screen, simple touch interface, Internet services and instant picture sharing enrich our lives and keep families and friends close. Liv+ is built to help simplicity seekers […]

Change what you think about 911

August 1, 2013


Was talking to Beth Gendler, Executive Director of the Minneapolis section of the National Council of Jewish Women.  We discussed their programs to stop domestic violence this morning. While we were talking, I thought , “Why wait for the victim to get to hospital and court?” Stop the act as quickly as possible, while or […]

Learn how

July 28, 2013


Just came across a program that offers android and IOS classes in the Fridley, MN area. Give their page a look.  Might find a class you can attend to help learn how to use mobile devices.  

iPhone 5

December 19, 2012


Some of the iPhone5 pluses 4 inch screen 4G LTE connectivity Good battery life, considering A6 chip processing and graphics have improved For both sides of the story check out;  The Pros and Cons of iPhone 5 | The Info Dose.

Smartphone checkout

September 4, 2012


Mobile payments systems let you pay by smartphone and do more than ordinary credit or debit cards. They can track patterns and perhaps reward you for repeat business. Earlier this week, Walmart ask employees with iPhones to participate in a test in Rogers, Arkansas. If successful, it could change the way you shop. Several retailers have […]

iPhone may run your house soon

August 1, 2012


If goes as planned iDevice will control Apple TV.  It may soon control cable programming and video game play via a video game controller. Apple sees iDevice as a control for cameras, projectors, security systems, lawn sprinkler systems, your thermostat, garage door. via Apple Further Details iPhone-NFC Apps for TV, Games & More – Patently […]

iPhone, your new driving assistant

June 13, 2012


At a recent developer’s conference, Apple announced that the new, IOS 6 operating system on the iPhones, will have turn-by-turn navigation, with SIRI integration. That will let drivers ask for directions  or services without having to type. Turn by turn navigation is available on Android systems. SIRI is already available on the iPhone4 and will be available this fall […]