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Learn how

July 28, 2013


Just came across a program that offers android and IOS classes in the Fridley, MN area. Give their page a look.  Might find a class you can attend to help learn how to use mobile devices.   Advertisements

iPad comparison to Windows8 tablet

February 26, 2013


Each tablet has many of the same functions. The Windows8 machine scrolls faster.  It is an impressive machine that will eventually be comparable with a whole new base of Windows8 desktop computers. So Apple has it work cutout. That is, if it plans to compete as a “real” computer.  For most of us using the iPad more and more […]

Mobile tethered to a desktop, the future?

October 10, 2012


A recent Forrester report predicted that by 2016 tablets will be our primary computing device but attached to a desktop. As long as the desktop has a touch screen, I might agree. I’ve not made the transition as Benjamin Robbins, the author, of the article I mention below has, but desktops just fit the bill when I’m […]

Smartphones and cloud computing

August 24, 2012


Mobile, cloud computing using a smartphone and a tablet like the iPad is a combination of three technologies – cloud computing, mobile computing and networking.  These three technology trends have integrated into a set of services for us to use on our smartphones and Android tablets. With the free space offered by cloud storage providers […]

Move out of your office

July 6, 2012


Why, in this age of broadband and Wi-Fi, do so many of us spend our days chained to desks, in uncomfortable, noisy, rabbit warrens? With a broadband connection, an iPad, a smartphone and some well-chosen apps we could just as easily work at the office, in a park or at anyplace else. About a year […]

Starting my BYOD

June 19, 2012


This is a good 3 part series, so far, about the learning curve of taking personal tech to work, referred to as BYOD. Starting my BYOD … with a tablet (3) | Débuter mon BYOD* … avec 1 tablette (3) « plerudulier. He uses a different set of software than I do to move from his desktop […]

A new iPad browser?

June 17, 2012


“So here comes the fun stuff,” said Alex Limi as he began discussing the prototype iPad browser Mozilla has been working on for several months. “We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser,  ” he said. He goes so far as to deem Safari for […]