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Transforming healthcare

July 21, 2013


Here’s some quotes from a US News article about our need to be the driving force behind getting all the information we need to help manage our health care. “Consumers must provide the impetus for new medicine – a new medicine that is no longer paternalistic, since the doctor does not necessarily know best anymore.” […]

Untested health apps

July 18, 2013


How helpful can an untested health app be? It’s hit or miss. Should you buy one that doesn’t prove it is medically safe and accurate? No! Are mobile health apps useful? Don’t know. The medical profession can’t get a handle on them. Just because a techie can develop a way to make my smartphone or tablet […]

FDA and mobile health apps

March 22, 2013


Here’s preliminary information about regulation of the 40,000 medical apps.  Hopefully, there will be enough regulation to make them safe and protect us from people that don’t at least know the medicine and the accuracy of their apps. “The FDA has been regulating mobile medical device software for more than 10 years.  So far, the agency has reviewed […]

Correcting gait problems

November 30, 2012


People who have received an artificial leg, or had a hip replacement, or who are recovering from a broken leg all want to avoid one thing – developing a limp. Limps not only limit your mobility, they increase your risk of falling. via Smart insole designed to correct gait problems.

A better memory

August 22, 2012


Whether it is to remember a name, an address that you absolutely do not want to save on paper or screen, or simply the knowledge for a test, your memory still comes in handy. Even with all those “memory helpers,” ie, mobile devices. In addition we have to develop ways to refresh these memories so […]

Mobile info will soon drive healthcare

July 29, 2012


    You’ve heard it before, there is a personal-health paradigm shift coming. Health records and new applications from Medicare to the VA to medical hackathons will soon change health care from doctor centered care to individual preventive, information driven care. “There’s evidence-based medicine. There’s also evidence-based prevention.” This is from a video where Ester Dyson is interviewed. Those of us who […]

Healthcare reform

July 7, 2012


I know we have a major issue going on; we also have a major opportunity.  At no time has so much information been available instantly about health issues. Develop a critical, skeptical stance toward most of it, but then that is a skill you will use in everything related to the internet. (This might be a good time to suggest a […]