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Learn how

July 28, 2013


Just came across a program that offers android and IOS classes in the Fridley, MN area. Give their page a look.  Might find a class you can attend to help learn how to use mobile devices.   Advertisements

Recycle your mobile device

September 16, 2012


Twenty three states require companies to take back your used electronic equipment sold in those states. In Minnesota, the Electronic Recycling Act requires manufacturers to recycle 80% of their electronic products sold in Minnesota. Apple, Canon and Dell all offer take-back programs for business and consumer electronics. There are also local programs to recycle phones […]

Beware, your phone is following you

August 28, 2012


Your mobile device knows where you’ve been. And, now someone can use location data from your smartphone and those of your friends to predict where you’ll be same time tomorrow. This should make you think about the location data you are making available to whoever has an app on  your mobile device that uses location and […]

Senior cellphones

February 19, 2012


Here’s a site that has a lot more about cellphones than I do, a real service for seniors. This guy covers individual cellphones and describes the special things each does for seniors, for instance a Clarity Pal mobile that amplifies voices, the Just5 with it’s big keys and the SVC, a low cost phone. Another service. Look at his comparisons before you buy a […]