mHealth and eWellness

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mHealth and eWellness are different sides of how we now get and will continue to get our health care.

In this section we will report how we may be accepting and how health care professionals may be applying mobile technology.

As I’ve emphasized elsewhere this MyPersonalPhone blog, mobile phones are a disruptive technology. With smart phones we carry the capability of maintaining our own wellness, monitoring our health and reporting to appropriate medical professionals in real time.

Mobile health, mHealth, offer ways to help providers manage chronic conditions. For example, patients suffering from chronic diseases can have their doctor remotely monitor them via mobile phones or equipment locally.

From the most institutional viewpoint mobile phones could save billions per year. They can reduce emergency care, hospitalization and nursing costs. This can happen regardless of geographic location or economic differences.

mHealth  uses common mobile phone services available on any cellphone or smartphone now. These include Instant Messaging, photos and internal clocks which alert us to take medications, follow diets, exercise, check glucose levels and take blood pressure readings.

From the institutional  viewpoint mHealth makes healthcare more personal and individualized.

From our viewpoint mobile technology allows a greater focus on us. With more participation eWellness will reduce medical errors and improve preventive healthcare.

If you want to see what’s already happening check out this 2009 TED talk.

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