Ideation is the process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. It is in all stages of change from innovation to development, and eventually, to new products and services that we use in our homes and carry in our pockets.

As the editor of this site I ask you to suggest problems, issues and solutions related to mobile technology. Then, we’ll use business decision- making processes to suggest some innovation ourselves.

Baby boomers and those of us older are a new generation of creative workers an author named Richard Florida writes about.  Our main difference is we don’t have to move to get what we need.  We live where we want.  Most of us are retired or near retirement so we don’t have to exhaust ourselves daily working for others.

We are looking for meaningful and sometimes profitable uses for our experience. This gives us a better chance of solving some of our problems earlier and better than the experts whose knowledge we might draw on such as Naomi Baron, Always On and Eric Ries, The Lean Startup.

There are a few companies out there that take this approach to serving people, one is Ideo.  Here’s how they describe themselves.

Founded in 1991, IDEO* is an innovation and design firm that uses a human-centered, design-based approach to help organizations in the business, government, education, healthcare, and social sectors innovate and grow…

Here’s a set of podcasts that tells how innovation coach Robert Brand describes the processes.

Because I do environmental scanning, almost as a hobby,  I like to use creative thinking processes also. I like to develop scenarios that visualize what might be and where to look for helpful solutions.

Scenario planning divides things into categories we believe we know something about and things we consider uncertain or unknowable. The things we think we know are the driving forces and trends gleaned from environmental scanning.  The past has a lots of inertia. So we give more weight to these elements when designing scenarios. Then, we assume a range of possibilities for the unknowns. This does not allow for Taleb’s black swan. We can’t anticipate black swans. Our empirical knowledge limits our view.

Next, we write narratives that are consistent views of the future. Finally, decision makers you and me, can decide what to do to achieve our goals in these imaginary worlds, the scenarios. Here’s how a web designer, Luke Wroblewski, looks at mobile devices.

We’re looking for new products and services that will be affordable, accessible, easy to understand and learn, and help us as age. (Remember, I said some things we think we know. Our population is aging.  We are aging. That presents issues we can anticipate and respond to individually and in mass.)

So let’s see what the issues are that might be caused by mobile devices and issues where they might serve us more successfully.  Please list some in the comments.

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