Working together

If you have an extra cell or smart phone, give or sell to it someone that wants it.

Everywhere I look, I see opportunities for working together, for sharing things that are meant to be obsolete too early.  One example, is cellphones, smart phones and very soon, tablets.  The average person discards mobile device 18 months after they purchased it. They are build to last approximately 10 years.

According to Bette Fishbein, we get rid of 130 million phones a year that are still working. Very few sell on Ebay or The rest go back to the vendor for disposal, into a drawer or to the landfills through out the world.Call2Recycle

For drop-off locations near you, just go the Call2Recycle site and put your zip code in the search box.  There were 83 places I could go within 10 miles of my home when I did.

The Freecycle NetworkLet’s give our used cellphones to others who need emergency phones, (they all make emergency calls if charged.) or to someone that can’t afford to replace a broken one. List them on freecycle or on craigslist.

Someone will use them, and you will committed reuse, a higher form of recycling.

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