Workshop and Class Descriptions

Smartphone workshops or classes

  • Introduction
    • What do you want to know about smartphones?
    • Class project
    • What smartphone and IOS do you have?
  • Land-line phones and innovation — mobile phones
  • Cellphones versus smart phones
  • Kinds of smartphones their differences and similarities
    • Blackberry,
    • iPhone
    • Android
  • Cost of plans
  • A world of tools – apps
  • Finally, a simplified smartphone
  • Simplify your smartphone
  • Finding and understand your smartphone’s manual
  • Discussion in each session

iPad workshops and classes

  • Introduction to iPads
    • What questions do you bring to the class?
    • Class project
  • Tablets, how do they compare to desktop computers?
  • Kinds of tablets – iPad and android systems
  • Are tablets the computer of choice for an aging population?
  • Basics — buttons, camera, iCloud and what is IOS
  • Simplify your iPad
  • Apps make the iPad whatever you want
    • Business
    • Photo collections
    • Travel
    • Music
    • Social media
  • Do you need another computer?
  • Discussions in each session

The “How to get the most from your cellphone” class has 3 sessions.

  • Introduction
  • Basic cellphone functions
  • Non-phone things cellphones do

Locations that offer our workshops and classes:

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