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Seniors and mobile

February 8, 2014


It’s no surprise that with such a concentration in cellphone ownership (61%), seniors don’t ordinarily use the internet.  Seniors haven’t been able, or maybe aren’t interested, in the internet and its many advantages for information savvy people. Cellphones present an almost insurmountable  set of problems for seniors wanting to watch a video, shop, access medical information, contact […]

Change what you think about 911

August 1, 2013


Was talking to Beth Gendler, Executive Director of the Minneapolis section of the National Council of Jewish Women.  We discussed their programs to stop domestic violence this morning. While we were talking, I thought , “Why wait for the victim to get to hospital and court?” Stop the act as quickly as possible, while or […]

Working and living after a disaster

November 29, 2012


Weather extremes and other disasters have become a part of our “new normal.” When remote work or flexible hours are part of an organization’s disaster response plan, employees can stay connected to work and businesses can continue to operate at some level of capacity. During and after “Super Storm” Sandy, most employers hadn’t made flexible […]

Microsoft gives away the shaver and sells the blades

September 10, 2012


Moving to the cloud may be easier than you think. With Windows8 and Office 2013, you’re there. Office 2013 defaults to saving documents on SkyDrive, assuming that you log in with your Microsoft user ID. As with similar cloud-storage services, the first bytes are always free, but as you put more of your data in […]

Integrate your PC, smartphone and tablet

September 10, 2012


Sync what you need, where you need it. Your desktop integration needs depend on where you work, what you do, how much you travel and what you carry with you. They also depend on whether you work from your home or office desktop.The latter means — you have to follow company IT policies to integrate the office desktop into […]

Beware, your phone is following you

August 28, 2012


Your mobile device knows where you’ve been. And, now someone can use location data from your smartphone and those of your friends to predict where you’ll be same time tomorrow. This should make you think about the location data you are making available to whoever has an app on  your mobile device that uses location and […]

Mobile payment

July 9, 2012


This is the future of retail. You pay with your smartphone. Mary Reese describes the options we consumers have and will have to deal with purchases. Addressing business decision makers, she says, “As you can see, you have numerous mobile payment options. Which one is right for you? Your goal should be to find the best […]