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Can you build a WiFi iPhone?

May 8, 2015


Yes.  What services did I want? Instant messaging (Didn’t work.) Email Search Monitor stocks Get and make Skype calls Google Now (Yes, on my iPhone. SIRI didn’t work.) Word processing Watch movies and TV shows What services did I get? Everything on  these 2  iPhone 4 screens, so far. This gives new life to your or […]

Competition for Apple products

October 24, 2013


We can get money to help pay for our new model smartphones or tablets at Walmart and Sam’s Club. (Photo credit: Ron Dauphin)   We can receive up to $300 for our old mobile device, which will then be applied toward the purchase of a device.   Related articles Trade in Your Old Tablet at Wal-Mart (WMT) […]

Untested health apps

July 18, 2013


How helpful can an untested health app be? It’s hit or miss. Should you buy one that doesn’t prove it is medically safe and accurate? No! Are mobile health apps useful? Don’t know. The medical profession can’t get a handle on them. Just because a techie can develop a way to make my smartphone or tablet […]


July 13, 2013


Words with Friends is a good place to start when you decide to have a game on your mobile. You compete just like in Scrabble but over the internet. Words is on everything, play with friends who have iPads and android phones alike.  Everybody that has a smartphone or tablet. Ten million downloads from Google […]