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Seniors and mobile

February 8, 2014


It’s no surprise that with such a concentration in cellphone ownership (61%), seniors don’t ordinarily use the internet.  Seniors haven’t been able, or maybe aren’t interested, in the internet and its many advantages for information savvy people. Cellphones present an almost insurmountable  set of problems for seniors wanting to watch a video, shop, access medical information, contact […]

Instagram — getting started

April 6, 2012


Android users may be new to Instagram but they are learning fast — over a million downloads the first day. It allows you to share your photos with everyone else.  Their site has many helpful links.  So I copied some: taking, editing and sharing Issue troubleshooting Combine multiple photos into one Following People They also […]

What are you kids doing?

February 13, 2012


Phones today can be more. We still call them phones but they are not just for talking. How do you use the house phone? The cellphone, smartphone or tablet? Plain old telephones down the hall are a thing of the past. According to Nielsen’s snapshot of current mobile use: Kids below 18 probably received a text in the last […]

Must-have products for women

December 23, 2011


  A survey by Vibrant Nation found that tablet computers have become the must-have product for women over 50. 32% purchased an iPad or tablet computer in the past year  59% want an iPad or tablet computer; a 31% increase from earlier this year And, technology adoption is accelerating. 46% purchase music from iTunes  2/3 […]

eBook, tablet, mobile — gifts for seniors?

December 2, 2011


These things can just gather dust if you give one as a gift to your older relatives.  Be prepared to help set it up and help them learn what they and the device can do.  Check-in with them in a few weeks to see if anything has gone wrong.  I can almost assure you, it has. Only one […]

In 9 years?

November 28, 2011


This slide show, Beyond 2020, examines things we all need to think about. shows what’s happening in this in the graphic below. What will my life be like if most of this is true? What can I do to make a living in the world of 2020? Shopping? When visit our children, what will their home […]

Children’s toy of the year 2010

October 2, 2011


As I’ve pointed out before — apps make the machine.  With the right applications, the iPad becomes a device for  children. Even PCWorld, a hard core computer magazine named the iPad the children’s toy of the year in 2010. (They may have thought that was all it was good for.  Don’t know?)  The iPad has […]