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Can you build a WiFi iPhone?

May 8, 2015


Yes.  What services did I want? Instant messaging (Didn’t work.) Email Search Monitor stocks Get and make Skype calls Google Now (Yes, on my iPhone. SIRI didn’t work.) Word processing Watch movies and TV shows What services did I get? Everything on  these 2  iPhone 4 screens, so far. This gives new life to your or […]

Smartphone physical

April 16, 2013


Think of it, you visit your doctor for a followup exam.  All she uses is a smartphone and some attachments.  A couple of them are attachments you used to monitor your condition in real-time for her. That’s why she asked you to come in. A visit was indicated by the data you forwarded to her. Here’s some  smartphone attachments […]

Office on mobile devices

April 11, 2013


I notice people on Twitter or other media mentioning they wish Office was on their mobile.  My business oriented iPad students mention it.  Microsoft Office apps are on the net.  Free. Microsoft calls it SkyDrive.  Just go to  SkyDrive’s page in a browser, on whatever mobile device or desktop you wish. Sign up and you have a free copy […]

Expand into the cloud, Evernote

October 1, 2012


Evernote is cloud computing.  It expands the memory capacity and the functions of your smartphone or tablet for free. ( Under 5 gigabytes of storage.)  This service saves you lugging around that portable and may save you the cost of new portable as it gets too old to rely on. For now, you can use Evernote with your […]

Smartphones and cloud computing

August 24, 2012


Mobile, cloud computing using a smartphone and a tablet like the iPad is a combination of three technologies – cloud computing, mobile computing and networking.  These three technology trends have integrated into a set of services for us to use on our smartphones and Android tablets. With the free space offered by cloud storage providers […]

Mobile push notifications

August 23, 2012


Take Benjamin Robbins advice. He has learned how to survive on his job using only mobile — read smartphones. “While notifications on our mobile devices offer the ability to have the most important information percolate to the top of our stack, they unfortunately only seem to make our stack seem higher. I have found that, for now, the best solution is […]

Turn off data leaks

August 21, 2012


You give away personal data when you download apps. Mobilescope helps you understand what you’re giving up when you download. Every time you download an app, you pass a stream of data to the app’s maker. The developer might need that information for absolutely legitimate reasons, but wouldn’t you to at least like to know what […]