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Can you build a WiFi iPhone?

May 8, 2015


Yes.  What services did I want? Instant messaging (Didn’t work.) Email Search Monitor stocks Get and make Skype calls Google Now (Yes, on my iPhone. SIRI didn’t work.) Word processing Watch movies and TV shows What services did I get? Everything on  these 2  iPhone 4 screens, so far. This gives new life to your or […]

Love their cellphones. Why?

February 13, 2014


Why are so many of my friends satisfied with their cellphones? They leave the cellphone at home. Or, forget to charge it. Still use a paper copy of essential phone numbers and are constantly asking me to find the last call they received. They watch at dinner while I ask Google the definition of a word […]

Liv+ simplify our iPhone or Android

September 13, 2013


Liv+ turns a smartphone into a useful technology for the elderly and us, the simplicity seekers. Its simple screen with large buttons, fonts and bright colors increases readability. The screen, simple touch interface, Internet services and instant picture sharing enrich our lives and keep families and friends close. Liv+ is built to help simplicity seekers […]

Liberate your senses

August 26, 2013


Check out the videos in this course description and think about how Google Glasses can and probably will replace our smartphone. Project Glass eyewear (Photo credit: robpegoraro) “The Google Glass liberates the user’s senses as Sergey Brin explains, allowing them to interact better with the real world and maximize their sensual experiences. It allows a […]

An Android smartphone for the blind

April 24, 2013


Georgie uses gesture, voice recognition and haptics. It consists of an app and add-ons to get the functions a user needs. Users can start by touching any spot on the screen. Finger gestures then allow them to navigate to their desired function, while vibrations and voice alerts let them know if they are on the right […]

Personalized smart phones

December 2, 2012


Laurie Orlov said after, “Two full days and a total of 200 setting choices for just 3 screens with 16 icons each, I am overwhelmed and reduced to a state of anxiety and blathering — widget? App?” I’ve seen dozens of examples, where this would have happened if the student had of had Orlov’s tenacity, or mine. […]

Expand into the cloud, Evernote

October 1, 2012


Evernote is cloud computing.  It expands the memory capacity and the functions of your smartphone or tablet for free. ( Under 5 gigabytes of storage.)  This service saves you lugging around that portable and may save you the cost of new portable as it gets too old to rely on. For now, you can use Evernote with your […]