As you will find out I think for all us older folks there is not much of an job future in our future.  The economy is in big trouble and our costs of living are going up, even with low inflation. So think about taking all that knowledge you have accumulated and start a business.

There are ways to find work, the hard part is the time it takes — the months to get your business started.What works?Jobshift by William Bridges says there’s lots of work, even when there are few jobs. They’re defined by Job Descriptions; work is something that organizations need done.

Bridges is very generous with his copy of Jobshift on Google Books.  Take some time to look it over.

Find work and you will have a chance to make the money you need to make a living.

  1. Provide free content and collect purchasing intent so that you can sell ads, send leads to products or services your audience might be interested in, and/or up sell to a subscription or digital goods.
  2. Provide a paid service, to attract as many potential consumers to you as cost effectively as possible, get them to pay you for a service, and then work to keep them as paying subscribers for as long as possible. Most start ups offer some content or basic service is provided for free. Then offer a premium subscription service also.
  3. Sell a product that is shipped from a warehouse, sent via UPS or is a coupon that can be used to purchase goods and services locally.

There’s been a revolution in developing business models, that is, ways to plan a money making business. For a handbook check out Business Model Development. You’ll have to find a copy in a library or from Amazon. Thesereviews show it will be well worth your time.

Other people, experts in how to use social media have something to say, check out Seth’s Blog.  Here’s an example of what you’ll find. Three things a customer expects.Results, thrills and ego not exactly business school talk, but something to think about.Don’t ignore social media.

Take Your iPad to Work by Brian Proffitt is an excellent book to get started using your iPad to help run your business.

There’s a new series on Practical eCommerce on why not to start an ecommerce business. You need to follow it as your company gets started in the new world of selling on the internet.  It’s all the things you need to think about.

Much of this post comes from my other blog which presents practical ways to live on very little money.

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