Person with PDA handheld device.

Person with PDA handheld device. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our phones don’t deliver what we want. It’s worst for those of us getting older and having trouble seeing, hearing or using the small-buttoned keyboards or touch screens.

My Personal Phone, in addition to classes and coaching offers this website to help you find out if your information needs require a cellphone, a smartphone with appropriate applications or one of the new tablets. As readership increases the site will be a place to ask questions, get answers and share your knowledge.

On My Personal Phone, you will find information to make the choices.  You will find help deciding if you need certain information with you all the time.

If you decide to buy a cellphone, or a smartphone, or a tablet you will learn here how to personalize it. That is, make it  deliver the information you need — to make medical decisions, to get to appointments, to find a service or store, to play a game or to enjoy your family’s pictures.

My Personal Phone offers workshops and classes on how to get the most from your cellphone, smartphone or iPad. Then we work with you as coaches so you can use your mobile device efficiently.

And, very important, we are not selling any of the gadgets we teach them about.

Victor Ward, owner  http://www.linkedin.com/in/vward

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I wish to thank Carolyn Ward, Web Resource Consultant and contributor.

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  1. Victor, this is a great site and I decided to help you get the word out. So, I added a link to the front page of my Wiki. Keep up with the info. You give seniors (really everyone) a way to learn technology, to become lifelong learners, and to reach out to those they love. Thanks!


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