Low cost Phones and tablets

Posted on April 16, 2015


Ever since KitKat, or to the rest of us, android 4.4, lower cost android phones and tablets are on the market. 4.4 works with devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. This opened the market for budget devices without sacrificing performance. For instance, there is little difference to the user between a $100 LG phone – version 4.4 and my $350 -$600+ (Depending where I bought it.) LG Nexus 4 – version 5.1, except for the price.

Both versions and all in between do what the owner and I want. Low cost android phones and tablets that do much the same as the expensive units. I rarely or never see an android device in class with 5.01 which was the latest version of android during my last class in Maple Grove.  They all work well with the version in the phone and save the owner a lot of money.

Google made the latest version available today, so I thought about the always new. And, is it better?

From a different view, the manufacturers and the cell service vendors have done a lot of modification to android version 4.4 to make the devices look like their own. That makes the phone or tablet harder to learn if you’re new to androids or smartphones. So, make sure to find the correct manual by searching Google or Bing for the model of your device and the word “android” and “manual” in the search terms. If you don’t know the model of your phone call 611. Your service vendor will help you.

It’s a bit of trouble but well worth it if you want full value from your mobile devices.