Gifts for seniors

Posted on November 2, 2013


Last year this time I was asked to make a presentation for senors at a community center about electronic gift suggestions for seniors.  So this year I thought I’d put something on my blog along those lines.


Surely someone organize gifts to give to seniors. I’ll check with them.  In the Twin Cities (Minnesota) there is an organization called Gifts for Seniors.  It distributes the gifts from donors to people who might just be forgotten during the holidays.


So I thought I’d have them give me some guidance about what seniors want for the holidays. Guess what, it shouldn’t be surprising, there were no electronic gift requests.  No computers, smartphones or tablets requested, just everyday items that make life a little more comfortable. Here’s what seniors want.


Pile of gorgeous gifts

Photo credit: Wikipedia


According to the GFS web site the most requested gifts are clothing, small appliances, craft kits, bed sheets, towels, slippers and gift cards.


GFS has a simple system. Donors leave new unwrapped gifts at their barrel locations.  Community agencies staff and volunteers pick up the donated gifts from a central location and deliver them to seniors and spend time with them.


Think about giving that senior you know something they want. And, for those that want a mobile device, I’ll write another blog post soon.