Behaviour change tools needed to leverage opportunities of mHealth

Posted on October 28, 2013


Insights into Innovation

As the shrill whistle alerts me to my phone and I see the message “got 7 minutes?” I slink back to my desk and think, “I’m useless, sheesh I can’t even find 7 minutes in my day to do a bit of exercise…I really should delete that app”

Almost all Australians have a mobile phone, with the majority being smartphones, and a recent survey showing that 52% had download some form of health and wellness app to their device.

Fitness and Food seems to be joining that rather more guttural F word on the list of most wanted apps, this looks to be an extension of what Gyms have known for a long time and indeed built their business models around – buying the ticket doesn’t mean you’ll keep going to the show.

I’m overweight, not the could be a contestant on the biggest looser overweight (just yet), but certainly…

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