iPad learning curve

Posted on October 5, 2013


All of the mobile electronics: cellphones, smartphones and tablets, have a learning curve the sellers forgot to tell us about. For some of us with little or no experience using computers it can be prohibitive.
Please submit questions about problems you have in the comment section below. I will try answering them or referring you to some of the excellent advice available on the internet.

Learn to use iPad, Safari on the iPad and iPad apps

After many classes I have developed a learning curve for seniors with little or not computer experience, who want to learn how to use the iPad.

As the Wikipedia site says, it is a large set of simple lessons for the iPad. That isn’t true of the internet part.

Learning_Curve_Diagram_--_Steep_and_Shallow,_Same_FunctionalityAt all stages I’ve found learners can ask a person that uses an iPhone for help. The devices are almost one to one compatible. Also, it doesn’t matter which iPad one starts with.  The original iPads still do most to the functions without the camera.

  1. Beginner  —  Learning about everything inside the iPad. Buttons, camera, settings
  2. Novice — Learning to modify the iPad. (Requires the Apple password.) Getting apps, email, search, Facetime, games
  3. Experienced — Learning to use the internet for maps, travel information, finding museums, food and entertainment, YouTube
  4. Expert — Learning to use complicated sites such as public library sites, Amazon…

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