Change what you think about 911

Posted on August 1, 2013


Domestic Violence

Photo credit: UMWomen

Was talking to Beth Gendler, Executive Director of the Minneapolis section of the National Council of Jewish Women.  We discussed their programs to stop domestic violence this morning. While we were talking, I thought , “Why wait for the victim to get to hospital and court?”

Stop the act as quickly as possible, while or before it happens. Get help immediately.

Smartphones meet both criteria. Immediate, 24-7 response potential. They make calls as the act occurs or the threat gets out of hand. Therefore, they are perfect for avoiding domestic violence or getting help immediately as it happens.

Sure enough, searching for 20 minutes I found, Guardly. Looks like it is a good candidate.

Here’s part of a review on the blog, The Security Dialogue. “You can create groups depending on the types of emergencies you expect to encounter like food allergies, stalking, abuse, etc. I have one set for work emergencies.  Once you alert your contacts can then join a conference call about your emergency with you and the dispatcher using the infrastructure from your cellular provider through Guardly.”

It does a lot more than domestic violence prevention, medial emergencies for us older folks also. Sounds like something you’d only need to use once to make it worth the price and trouble of setting it up.

Test anything that might avoid a catastrophe like bodily harm or medical emergency. Spotty cell service makes it unresponsive.

Regularly, check to see if you have cell service in buildings.  I find buildings block the signal.  My apartment for instance. (Call your provider for this one.) My mother’s nursing home has no cell service at all for 2 of the companies I’ve tested.

Cell service is unreliable when you’re depending on it for security purposes.  So, run a test where you live and where you are regularly by making Guardly call a test contact to see if it works.  If you can do it before you buy the annual service.

If you are a possible victim of domestic violence make sure it works where you routinely go; home, work, grocery and relatives.

I remember the company that maintained my parent’s emergency button system had a nurse activate it every time she or he was in their home.  Usually weekly. This little service cost them about $30 a month, years ago.  So Guardly’s fee looks good if it works.

If you know of other possible helpful danger apps tell us in the comments, please.