The classroom and mobile devices

Posted on April 27, 2013


I came across this article, The History 2.0 Classroom: DJs, Papert, Jet Engines & iPads. It’s well worth reading. Later, not now.

Seymour Papert - Grafik

Seymour Papert,  Wikipedia

It made me think about my classes. I teach seniors to use iOS and android smartphones and tablets. Have for three years.

I teach the students what the internet is, how to use the internet.  How to find information and talk to their children via the internet.

You should see them when they see FaceTime in action. When they learn what it’s like to answer a question when it is relevant, not when they get to a computer at home or get home and calls someone to find out.

The classes by the third session become chaotic. Everyone clamoring to get their questions answered as they try to do a project.  Not the kind of class that can show on a test how many facts the students learn.

If done well the students will find the iPad is transparent in a few months. They’ll just reach for it when they have a use.

Most seniors don’t know why they got their iPad after they have it. They learn after they leave my classes.

I help people learn how to use the technology after the three classes are over. That’s the disruption.