Where’s an iPad Class?

Posted on April 23, 2013


Learn to use iPad, Safari on the iPad and iPad apps

iPad buttonsI know the internet is about letting people help one another; let’s get the information right.

The “Where is an iPad class?” question is no reason to tell people how easy iPads are to use.  Or, “Don’t pay for a class.”

iPads are computers and as such are not simple devices for a beginner. They have rules that some of us have known for so long that we forgot when we learned them.

There’s nothing intuitive about an iPad until you have used one for  a few months.

Yes, we need iPad classes.  And, I am surprised they are not everywhere.

It appears that many people who respond to discussions boards have no idea the problems ordinary people have using an iPad. It is a computer.

Initially, they are virtually impossible to use competently without other computer experience. So please, don’t embarrass yourself or others by saying how easy they are to use.

Many people in…

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