Smartphone physical

Posted on April 16, 2013


SmartphoneThink of it, you visit your doctor for a followup exam.  All she uses is a smartphone and some attachments.  A couple of them are attachments you used to monitor your condition in real-time for her. That’s why she asked you to come in.

A visit was indicated by the data you forwarded to her.

Here’s some  smartphone attachments she could use and what they do:

• Body analysis using an iHealth Scale.

• Blood pressure reading using a Withings BP Monitor.

• Oxygen saturation/pulse measured simultaneously with blood pressure, using an Masimo iSpO2 placed on the left ring finger.

• Visual acuity via an EyeNetra phone case.

• Optic disc visualization using a Welch Allyn iExaminer case attached to a PanOptic Ophthalmoscope.

• Ear drum visualization with a CellScope phone case.

• Lung function using a SpiroSmart Spirometer app to conduct a respirometer test.

• Heart electrophysiology using the AliveCor Heart Monitor.

• Body sounds: A digital stethoscope from ThinkLabs auscultates and amplifies the sounds of a patients lungs and heart.

• Carotid artery visualization using a Mobisante probe.

Is the future?  Yes, everything mentioned in the Huffington Post article I used for this post exists now.

Expect to see some of these in a doctor’s office near you, soon.