Mobile tethered to a desktop, the future?

Posted on October 10, 2012


A recent Forrester report predicted that by 2016 tablets will be our primary computing device but attached to a desktop.

As long as the desktop has a touch screen, I might agree.

I’ve not made the transition as Benjamin Robbins, the author, of the article I mention below has, but desktops just fit the bill when I’m planning on working on 5 or 6 activities over a couple of hours.

Even though, I will concede as I set up my new desktop, it may be my last one.

When I see how much easier the old one is with its little tricks I learned and forgot, I suspect converting to a smartphone or a tablet isn’t that much more complicated.  But, the mental part many be a problem. If I just solve set up problems, I’ll be all right for now.

But for now, what do I do with all that equipment? See photo.

I have taken one large step, however.  I stopped carrying a pen, don’t need one with a smartphone and an iPad everywhere I go.

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