Expand into the cloud, Evernote

Posted on October 1, 2012


Evernote is cloud computing.  It expands the memory capacity and the functions of your smartphone or tablet for free. ( Under 5 gigabytes of storage.)  This service saves you lugging around that portable and may save you the cost of new portable as it gets too old to rely on.

For now, you can use Evernote with your desktop, your portable, you smartphone and your tablet.

Here’s some Evernote uses for mobile computing:

  • Read notes sent to Evernote from your other devices.
  • Send pictures of hand written notes from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Save something by sending an email to Evernote.  Sure enough, your note or document or photo will turn up in Evernote the next time your check.  an extremely useful feature to save something quickly. Bet, your didn’t know they assigned an email address to you. It’s of the form your username###@m.evernote.com.

Where did I get all these ideas, I use it regularly and I came across an article that has many more tips for Evernote.  Making it one of the most useful services I know about.