Recycle your mobile device

Posted on September 16, 2012


graphic depicting the life cycle of cell phone

Twenty three states require companies to take back your used electronic equipment sold in those states.

In Minnesota, the Electronic Recycling Act requires manufacturers to recycle 80% of their electronic products sold in Minnesota. Apple, Canon and Dell all offer take-back programs for business and consumer electronics.

There are also local programs to recycle phones and computers.

Some refurbish phones and give them to victims of domestic violence and others to soldier’s families.

  • Minnesota Pollution Control agency’s website describes some of the programs.
  • Check at Best Buy, Target and Radio Shack for drop off places.
  • There’s a company, Cellular Recycler, that will let you print out a free shipping label to get your phone. It’s not local, but it says it’s free.

Please recycle all those old unused computers, game machines and phones.

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