Code Year

Posted on September 11, 2012


Years ago I came across a book entitled, Building iPhone Apps.  It was straight forward, to build iPhone apps with the least amount of programming knowledge all I have to know is HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Fine, I’ve built web sites for years but I never used Javascript. Now here is that missing gap filler.

Here’s a place to learn how to program,free. Unless your time is taken up with other educational efforts, family or work. Code Year starts with the basics and teaches concepts:

  1. an introduction to JavaScript
  2. HTML
  3. CSS,
  4. how these technologies can be combined with to build interactive websites

When you get through with this free course, they offer other programming courses and you can do a good job of web site building.

After you finish the course look up Building iPhone apps, you may have a carer ahead, one that is rewarding and challenging.

Or, if during this course you decide this programming is not for you, at least it will be a decision based on know what programming is.