Smartphone checkout

Posted on September 4, 2012


Mobile payments systems let you pay by smartphone and do more than ordinary credit or debit cards. They can track patterns and perhaps reward you for repeat business.

Earlier this week, Walmart ask employees with iPhones to participate in a test in Rogers, Arkansas. If successful, it could change the way you shop. Several retailers have announced plans to implement mobile payments.

Apple’s next iPhone will have a near field communication, NFC, or other modes of mobile payment? The new Microsoft Window Phone 8 based devices may  also have NFC.

Near field communication allows smartphones and the items purchased to communication with each other by touching or bringing them close together. The price information can then be shared.

Starbucks and other companies including the Best Buy, Target and WalMart have announced that they are joining forces to create their own versions of a digital wallet and mobile payment system.

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