Cloud, desktop and mobile all available, all working

Posted on August 27, 2012


For the last couple of years I’ve tested ways to use my desktop with my mobile devices. I’ve even thought of building a small server so I could get my files from my desktop to my smartphone. Then I got rid of my netbook and moved to an iPad.

With the aid of Evernote,Twitter, WordPress, OnLineDesktop, Gmail, Google Calendar, Keynote and Delicious working between systems, getting work done became simpler.

Now I use SugarSync to keep my work synchronized.

Things really work. In fact, I’m posting this from my iPad in a doctor’s waiting room. Slowly, I moved into the cloud.

A major change has happened while we were getting our smartphone and iPad up and running; the cloud made them all work together.

If you need it, the cloud offers huge computing power, or it can simply store your files and allow sharing.

You can access your work from your desktop in the office or at home. You can access your work on the road, in a coffee shop or during a meeting.

The first 9 or 10 minutes of this video shows how the cloud, your internet provider, your computers and your mobile equipment integrate into a working system. Check it out.