Smartphones and cloud computing

Posted on August 24, 2012


Mobile, cloud computing using a smartphone and a tablet like the iPad is a combination of three technologies – cloud computing, mobile computing and networking.  These three technology trends have integrated into a set of services for us to use on our smartphones and Android tablets.

With the free space offered by cloud storage providers such as:

we can easily store and share almost any file.

For entertainment we can watch a Netflix movie on our smartphones.

For business many different other services things are available such as.

  • Flickr
  • Word or Pages files
  • Keynote or Powerpoint presentations
  • shared video recordings of meetings from your mobile device

And, for travel there is so many:

None of this is easy, but all available. They work instantly thanks to these technologies coming together.

To see how it works behind the curtain here a link; Mobile Cloud Computing in Mobile Revolution.