Mobile payment

Posted on July 9, 2012


This is the future of retail. You pay with your smartphone.

Mary Reese describes the options we consumers have and will have to deal with purchases. Addressing business decision makers, she says, “As you can see, you have numerous mobile payment options. Which one is right for you? Your goal should be to find the best payment option to fit the situation and to fit your customers’ needs. That often means offering as many choices as you can—within reason.”

Read Mary’s article to see what options we have now and in the near future.  Some service will take off and we don’t want to be wondering if they’ll take a check, or even maybe cash.  They will for a long time, but as in the ad the whole world will stop and watch.

On a smartphone in addition to paying for coffee at Starbucks, (remember gas cards and how fast the appeared and disappeared) we have Square, PayPal Here and Intuit GoPayment.