Move out of your office

Posted on July 6, 2012


Why, in this age of broadband and Wi-Fi, do so many of us spend our days chained to desks, in uncomfortable, noisy, rabbit warrens?

With a broadband connection, an iPad, a smartphone and some well-chosen apps we could just as easily work at the office, in a park or at anyplace else.

About a year ago I started working away from my office without my laptop.  That’s when I got the iPad.  I do my email, check Twitter, blog, maintain my calendar, write reports, edit my class presentations, make the presentation, monitor stocks, and the list goes on.  Most of the  time I make sure I have a secure connection on what ever wifi I use. Now as the apps get better more and more of what’s left can be done on the go.  Now there’s the no-compromise mobile office.

You don’t have to go coffee shops; you can even go to co-location offices, like CoCoMSP,  where chance meetings and a change of routine might do you some good.