Import your contacts, android

Posted on June 30, 2012


Importing your Contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express into your Android phone isn’t simple. The reason it’s so involved is that you have to get your contacts file from your computer into the Google cloud and then into you phone.  There’s no simple route to do that.

Here’s a short description of what you’ll need to do. Export your contacts from Outlook to your desktop.  Then Import them into Gmail. Find the Contacts in Gmail and Import them into your phone. Now here’s a more expanded version.

Work through this description with out doing anything. You need to familiarize yourself with the steps.

Open Outlook, under File select “Import and export” select export “Comma Separated Values” files. Name the file that will be on your desktop. Next, save the file on your desktop.

Still on your desktop go over to your Gmail account and click the down arrow next to Gmail.

Select Contacts.(Notice this changes the list in the left column.) Go to the bottom of the column and select “New group…” Name the Gmail group

Then select “Import Contacts…”

Now you have your Outlook Contacts safely in your Gmail account, in the Google cloud. If you’re wondering why your using Gmail remember, Gmail and Android are Google products.

Next, you want to Import the Contacts into your  phone.

Go to your phone and under the Menu icon, select “More”

Use the “Contacts to display”and select the Gmail group you have set up.  Press “Done.”

Now view this video a couple of times and do it.

An  extra benefit of this process is that you have all your Outlook contacts in your Gmail account.

To make these contacts more useful when using maps or calling your friends, you can add phone numbers and  addresses with zip code as you chose, later.

Congratulations, your Outlook contacts are in your android phone.