Starting my BYOD

Posted on June 19, 2012


This is a good 3 part series, so far, about the learning curve of taking personal tech to work, referred to as BYOD. Starting my BYOD … with a tablet (3) | Débuter mon BYOD* … avec 1 tablette (3) « plerudulier. He uses a different set of software than I do to move from his desktop to the iPad2.

I use Numbers, Pages and Keynote ($10 each) to move via email from my desktops with Office 2010 to the iPad and back if I make changes. The only thing I  can’t do is store the documents along the way in Dropbox. An easy function from either device.

I do numerous presentations each month, mostly classes, and have had no malfunction on the path from desktop to iPad and back.

Let’s follow this series Plerdulier has so generously written for us.