Point, know, buy

Posted on June 6, 2012


There’s more to the world than buying, there’s information for living.

Point, know, buy could be a great “information world” feature. Seniors could more easily find and use information when needed.  Not necessarily just to buy things. For example, make the menu larger. (Point, enlarge, read.)   Find the location of services,  a place to check-in at a hotel. (Point, know, check-in) Find your seat at a concert. (Point, know, be seated)

Today’s consumers with a smartphone will only be truly satisfied when:

  • It becomes possible to POINT-KNOW-BUY almost any visual object – not just designated ones, or those with codes.
  • The software is seamlessly integrated into devices, and doesn’t require dedicated apps.
  • Image / audio recognition is able to cope out and about in the real world of poor lighting, background noise and awkward angles.

Here’s a description of this trend. trendwatching.com’s