Do I only need one mobile device?

Posted on March 24, 2012


Get my entertainment, run my business, update social media, could I try it?  Nope, not ready yet.  The idea appeals to me, for many reasons; it would be much cheaper, more convenient and less cluttering. In the near future as I learn more about the cloud services and with the new iPad, I might try it myself.

But first, let’s look at a pathfinder — what is Benjamin Robbins doing?

He’s leading us, teaching us, by doing the experiment, living with only one mobile device, a smartphone. He says he’s ready,  “…to go all-in with mobility. I am ready to shed the clutter and simplify. I am ready to have only a single device for all my computing and communication. Over the next year – between this Mobile World Congress and the next – I am ONLY going to use my smartphone as my computing hardware – no PC, laptop, or tablet. I am ready to make the transition to a single device existence. Question is – is the ecosystem at large ready to support me?”

He’s written a series about Enterprise Mobility, data is the cornerstone of mobility, can it come through? And earlier this month Robbins started a Mobile Only experiment describing his progress.

I want to thank Benjamin for his work.  We’ll follow his progress on his blog and here.  Good luck!