More machine for the same cost

Posted on March 9, 2012


The rumors are over, the new iPad is here.  It has the camera, the screen, the horsepower and the graphics to be a real photo processing machine. And, it’s a serious computer. Apple has made the machine even more powerful, allowing us to do almost anything we want a mobile device to do.

  • Want Windows on your iPad, try
  • Want to record meetings, try  SoundPaper. It records the meeting.  Your typed notes bookmark the recording. You can find any part of a recorded meeting by checking the notes you took at the time.
  • Want to monitor you health, try UpBand.
  • Want to make presentations, just plug it into a projector.

New apps will start to come out for this new iPad, the limit hasn’t been reached yet.

Once more, the apps make the machine. And, this one has a lot more potential to do your mobile work than previous  iPads. You may not need a laptop.

This iPad has added new possibilities to a $499 WiFi machine.

Remember, if the price is a bit steep; for many of us the iPad2 would do just fine.  Check out Best Buy. They’re making room for the new model.

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