Android batteries go quickly

Posted on March 5, 2012


Some culprits demand to be fed even when the phone is idle. Just to start, go to your “Settings” app and touch “Applications,” then “BAndroid: 5 Tips That Actually Save Battery Lifeattery Use.”

“Android OS” and “Display” have consumed most of the battery. Other times, I’ve checked and the “Display” is the big battery drainer.

As I tell my classes, the phone is “always on,” almost always. These culprits silently await for me to call or for a caller, when the phone isn’t being used. So what do you do? Turn some apps off.

Go to the “Market” and check out “Quick Settings.” Some of the major drainers are easily controllable. Turnoff bluetooth, wifi, gps and mobile data.  Turn them on when you need them. Most of the time you don’t. Click “Volume control”  to control the volume, obviously. It change settings based on your predetermined decisions.

There are still some heavy data users like email, Twitter and Facebook.  They contact the mother ship regularly.  Turn them off when not in use. Turn off screen animations and live wallpapers. All that movement costs battery life. And, go to “Settings,” then “Display.” Lower the screen timeout a little, it will help.

Or, you can automate most settings with JuiceDefender.  It has preset settings to help start.  May take some tweaking later. You can automate the settings for a fee with Tasker, ($6.49) or Locale, ($3.99).

You can do a little more if your phone is rooted, but for now get another battery, keep it charged.  I have one.  Haven’t used it long enough to know if it is worth the $30 plus.

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