What are you kids doing?

Posted on February 13, 2012


Phones today can be more. We still call them phones but they are not just for talking. How do you use the house phone? The cellphone, smartphone or tablet? Plain old telephones down the hall are a thing of the past.

According to Nielsen’s snapshot of current mobile use:

  • Kids below 18 probably received a text in the last few minute.  If they have a cellphone, they averaged sending or receiving almost 3500 per month. So the grandchildren are part of their generation.
  • If they are 18-35 the majority own a smartphone, which they likely use to download and play games.
  • We have one thing in common, teens and people over 65 talk less on the phone than other age groups.

We could disconnect from the house phone and use the mobile to get the weather, find a place on a map, watch the news or monitor the market.

I regularly see people in the grocery talking to someone about what’s for supper. Couldn’t do that from the hall phone niche.