What’s a cellphone?

Posted on February 12, 2012


The line between a cellphone and a smartphone is not as obvious as it was a couple of years ago.

Cellphones can make phone calls, have a list of names and phone numbers you can call as well as send and receive instant messages.  Many of the newer cells have games and can even access the internet. The main restriction of a cellphone is that all functions are done on a ten key telephone keyboard.  It is tedious to enter names and numbers.  Most allow us to “add a contact” when someone calls. They do lots of things, the manuals often run to well  over 100 pages.

Smartphones can do everything cellphones can and they have an operating system. That is what Apple OS is.  Or, Android, Symbian, Blackberry or Windows. An operating system allows us to run applications.  A smartphone  is a very small but powerful computer.

We can access the internet via ether the phone system, 3G or 4G or via WiFi. Once we get on the internet we can maintain a calendar that is linked (synced) to other computers, get email ( from the office or from email services), edit a file (using apps), send and recieve information with a brokerage account(using apps). The possibilities of using information are almost unlimited, after all, it is a computer.

A useful feature of a smartphone is the use of a standard “typewriter keyboard.” A smartphone has a touch screen keyboard. Some even have a slide out separate keyboard.

Technology changes, as anyone getting an upgrade after a couple of years knows.

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