Shopping with your tablet?

Posted on December 28, 2011


What would you do with a tablet if it cost less than $50? I came across an interesting conversation, on RetailWire that tries to find out.

Even before going to the store the tablet will let you find what you’re looking for, compare prices and then, check availability. The author, Joel Robinson noticed that the tablet is the first device that can actually travel with the shopper through the complete path to purchase.

His scenario could happen in a store near you, now. When you enter the store with your tablet, the store recognizes your presence and greets you with a video message from the store manager. You place the tablet in your shopping cart so you can watch it as you go and your shopping list automatically gets reorganized so you can see which items are in each aisle you enter. This will encourage a shopper to completely navigate the store, which any retailer would love. While you are walking down the aisle, windows awake on your tablet delivering messages that are relevant to you based on shopping history and interactively offering you deals.”

What do you think?

  1. Is the tablet going to be become a tool for finding stores with your favorite brand and then comparison shop?
  2. Will you use the tablet to find the best prices for an item within a set of similar items?
  3. Will you check Consumers Report before you select an item to buy.

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