Low cost, smart and simple

Posted on September 5, 2011


Finally, “Phones can be as low cost, as smart and as simple as we need them to be to serve us.” Your iPad and possibly iPhone or android phone will be modified to have just the buttons you need.

The reason I haven’t pushed it here is that it required “rooting” my first android phone to get rid of extra buttons.  My new one, thanks to Sprint has even more.  (In case you don’t know rooting means stripping away all the extra software and buttons your vendor puts on your new phone to make money.  And, rooting can ruin your phone or void the warranty. So I don’t advocate rooting your phone.)

Your mobile device already knows where we are.  It can adopt the local language.  It already knows if you normally read your email first, so it can get your email when we pick it up. Next will be the  calendar and then the newspaper or Google alerts. No buttons needed, just using the capabilities of the machine right out of the box with some new software hidden from view, but always at work.

That’s the gist of an article I found on Technorati a few days ago. Jim Haughwout wrote, “in the midst of this explosion, underneath our noses: millions of us are “re-wiring” how we interact with computers. We are discarding clumsy interface tools (physical keyboards, mice, thumb wheels and styluses) that get between us a computers in favor of the most advanced, flexible tool we possess: our fingers.”

It appears that hospitals are already modifying  iPads for Doctors and businesses are for their executives.  Soon one of the millions of developers will fix ours. Then, we will have a simple mobile device that does what we want.